Possible to create a list and add new lines throughout a video?

Hello all. A newbie here who is so not au fait with technical terminology but hoping someone will have an answer/suggestion/work around.

I’m making a video on travel costs and would like to be able to have a black box to the left side, and add new categories and prices as I talk through the video ie Accommodation; Food; Transport.

I’ve checked but couldn’t find any tutorials on this, and was wondering if it’s possible to do with Shotcut.

If not, can anyone suggest an alternative or point me towards any relevant tutorial videos. Thanks!

Je ne sais pas si cela répond à votre besoin, voici une proposition.
Votre vidéo sur V1
Un clip noir sur V2 avec 2 filtres dans cet ordre:
Masque: Forme simple pour définir la boite noire
Text simple pour afficher le montant.
Ci-joint le projet. J’ai mis sur V1 un clip gris au lieu d’une vidéo.

I don’t know if this meets your need, here is a proposal.
Your video on V1
A black clip on V2 with 2 filters in this order:
Mask: Simple shape to define the black box
Simple text to display the amount.
Attached is the project. I put on V1 a grey clip instead of a video.

Frais.mlt (10.6 KB)

Are you looking for something similar to this?

I banged that out in just a few minutes with a webcam, a simple text editor and a video screen-capture app.

That is two separate tracks, edited together in Shotcut.

If I was doing a video on costs, instead of a Notepad type text editor, I would use a spreadsheet, with green bars (to greenscreen them out in post production) and all of the quantity purchase and sums already the formulas entered, with “Zero is blank” formatting on the formula cells.

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