Possible to add hyperlink?

Hello there,

I would like to add a hyperlink to my video (for youtube). Especially I´am interested to add a “permanent” hyperlink to my entire video which leads to my youtube channel.

If you don´t know exactly what I mean here´s an example (It can be seen in the right bottom corner of the video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ArJOq3uis&t=3s

As far as I know it´s not possible to add a hyperlink with shotcut alone. So do you know any solution to this? Maybe a suitable software which creates a hyperlink and the file can be easily openend with shotcut?

Any hint would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

If you play the video with another player instead of youtube or in the browser, there will be no button! Which means?..

Ok, I didnt know that I could play the video other than on youtube so I didnt notice, but I think you are saying that the button is a youtube-only feature (which is surprising to me as far as I only know Youtube subscribe buttons that can be shown at the end of the video as end credits)

But in general: Does someone know how to add a hyperlink to a URL using shotcut (and maybe another software)?

@Leo1 There is no way to add hyperlinks to video.

Are you referring to this?

If so that is something that’s done in YouTube’s Creator Studio.
Left panel at the bottom, click on Settings, then Channel, then Branding.

Note: YouTube is currently changing their Creator Studio platform, so these instructions might not be correct a month or more from now.

Further information:
YouTube has channel devoted to teach you every aspect on how to use the platform.

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Thank you very much. I didn´t know that you can do that in the Creator Studio.

On the other hand I wonder why it´s not possible to add hyperlinks to video because it´s so easy to add hyperlinks to a text or image. What´s the reason for the difference?

Video, images, and text do not inherently support links. They are simply data. It is the world wide web, HTML, hypertext, and web browsers that add the concept of a link (more specifically hyperlink). Most video editors do not output HTML (a web page) for you that could include a video with links. Even if it did, it is not trivial to put this hypothetical output on a web server and expect thousands of different kinds of devices across numerous different levels of networks to be able to handle it well. That is, in part, why things like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have flourished.

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