Possible to add a clip between two clips on the timeline?


I am working on my first video project with Shotcut. To be honest, it is actually my first video project in general. First of all, I really love what Shotcut can do and all this without being overly complicated. I am sure that the last week watching quite few video tutorials also helped to get my head around this quite quickly.

Most things went quite smooth so far. Currently exporting a first test to see how my video turns out.

But I made a mistake along the project. I forgot to include a few clips at the correct position within the timeline. I only noticed after having added already clips that should come later. So now I have some clips that should come somewhere in the middle at the end of my video.

I just can’t figure out how to move them from the end of the video towards the position where they would actually belong.

Any tips?

Thank you in advance. And sorry if this is a stupid question. But I have tried quite a few things in Shotcut, I have googled but the results do not cover what I am looking for (maybe I use the wrong search terms, who knows).

Hi, let’s see if I can help here.

In the timeline go to the video clip that you want to move and click on it to select it (the border will be highlighted in red). Then use the Cut to remove it from the timeline and put the play head in the position where you want to insert the clip. To insert the clip use the Past option and that’s it.

I don’t know how complex is your editing project but if you are using several timelines and you need synchronization with sound you may have to to other move other clips for all to be coherent. You can use the option to “Ripple all tracks” but it’s something I need to master myself when editing.

Thank you for your response. I will have a look tonight, if this works for me.

To cut and paste I don’t use the normal windows functions, but rather the functions in Shotcut?

My editing is not very complex. I have 2 video tracks, one contains basically all the videos in a row with some crossfades between. There are quite a few clips in this track though. This is why I would need that Shotcut moves the later clips back when I insert the new one in the middle.

The second track is basically only a PNG file that inserts two logos (top right and bottom left corner) over the length of the video.

I don’t completly understand what you are asking here but you should use the options available in the timeline to manipulate the video clips:

Well, usually under windows to cut and paste something I’d go with the keyboard shortcuts CRTL+X and CTRL+V.

But you answered my question. Thank you.

Now I just need to get my “size” issue fixed (the exported 16 min clip turns out to be 16GB) and the quality issue (the video is getting pixel errors, etc. - but I don’t know whether the problem comes form export or from the video player not playing it correctly), but those are totally other topics that I will need to investigate.

Ok, you wanted the shortcuts. :slight_smile: Please check here for more: https://www.shotcut.org/howtos/keyboard-shortcuts/

One suggestion for your “size” problem is to test exporting with other encoding preset available like the youtube. If the video has a big bitrate and the disk cannot keep up while reading you can have the pixel errors while playing it.

Well, actually you had answered my question already, but the link to the short cuts is also very good.
I was just not sure if I need to use the tools of the Shotcut toolbar or could also use the normal windows tools. But obviously I need to use the Shotcut tools. Maybe this was my mistake last night.

Thank you again!