Possible bug when selecting "Remove" in the timeline

This is based on the August build that was released the 14th of this month.

When I was editing I noticed a odd behavior that I assume is a bug. When having several clips in different tracks while having the Ripple effect on choosing “Remove” to move a clip to the start of the timeline will of course move the other clips on other tracks. But if the first clip on another track is at a closer distance to the start of the timeline than the clip that “Remove” is being used with, that clip will be deleted.

I uploaded a video to make clear what I am talking about: https://streamable.com/cob9d

As you can see, the first clip on V2 is deleted when I select “Remove” from V1 and the audio clip on the audio track below is cut shorter. Now I understand why and that’s because the distance of the first clip on V2 and the audio clip on the audio track below are closer to the start of the timeline than the clip in V1 where “Remove” is selected. But is that how Shotcut is designed? I expected there to be some sort of collision detection in that the first clip in V2 would stop at the start of the timeline and the clip following it also on V2 would just end up up against that first clip. That’s why I am assuming it is a bug.

Is it a bug and if so can it be fixed?

Also, unrelated, but can anyone tell me how to embed videos on this forum? I tried copying the “Embed” code on steamable and paste it on here but nothing shows up.

Paste the URL into your post.


It usually best to just put the link on a it’s own line, instead of here [link]
[video link goes here] At least this works for YouTube videos.

I don’t think it’s a bug with the ripple feature. I’m sure Dan will correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I can remember the ripple feature has always worked this way. It will ripple everything in its path. You need to be careful what you want to remove or insert. If you want something not to be affected by the ripple that track(s) needs to be locked, otherwise everything on all tracks will be affected by what you insert or remove.

That’s why it’s called ripple.

I was just about to reply with the same answer, sauron. Well put - yes, it’s an intended feature when “Ripple all tracks” is selected.


This is by design, and no I will not add an option around just this.

Thanks for confirming.

And thanks @sauron and @Hudson555x for letting me know how to embed videos here.