Possible bug in "Automatically Add Tracks"

What is your operating system? Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version? 23.11.29

I’m honestly not sure this is a bug. Maybe it’s just something you forgot to mention in the release notes. Worth reporting anyway I guess.

In the release notes of v23.11.29:

It - the Automatically Add Tracks feature - only adds tracks when you add something to the timeline or move a clip between tracks.

In addition to this, when a clip is alone on a track, moving it left or right will also create a new track.

If it’s a bug, I’m sorry I didn’t noticed it before the release…

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I think the logic of working with the “automatically adding track” mode enabled does not imply manual removal of the top track, it should always be a spare one.

@dimadjdocent, this is true if Auto Add Track was enabled from the start.
I manually removed the spare empty track in my video to show the bug.
But there will be occasions when the user will decide to enable Auto Add Track after a number of clips were already added to the timeline.

It is a minor bug.

Fixed for the next version.

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