Possibility to change the default Layouts?


I have a playlist-only project, so I don’t need the timeline. So I always have to deselect in the normal “Editing” layout the timeline first.

Could you please make Shotcut remember the layout setting so that an element once deselected does not appear after the next start?

It already does that for me, but if you open a project that uses the timeline then it is going to open the timeline.

  1. Start Shotcut
  2. Close the TImeline panel
  3. Quit Shotcut
  4. Start Shotcut
  5. Timeline is not visible

The workspace-oriented layouts as well as the current one save your changes automatically unless something like a crash prevents it from saving. All other layouts are snapshots. When chosen, it deselects the workspace and applies to the current layout, which again intentionally saves changes as you go. I guess you are asking for a way to apply a custom layout as saved upon startup.

I found it. Even though the timeline was empty, I also have to remove the one (empty) track.