Position timecode not fully show up in 19.02.28

Sorry for my English.:sweat_smile:

Version: 19.02.28

In Windows 7 x64 Simplified Chinese OS, The lift timer does not fully show up, Look like this:

I guess this is a font issue ( size? ), How can I change the font in Shotcut for a try?


Yes, this appears to be a font size issue with the system font for Simplified Chinese or if you changed it? We use a font metrics API to compute a fixed width, but it is not enough on your system.

Obviously, I need to increase the width for when the FPS > 99, but it seems something else is needed for your font. Looking at API docs, I see I can use boundingRect().width() instead of simply width(). I will make some changes here for the next version, and we will see what happens. You can test a 19.03 beta when it becomes available.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I changed the font by using MacType ( https://www.mactype.net/ ).

But I have another Windows 10 Laptop, Not install MacType.

It’s looks like same:

I will test 19.03 when it out, Thank you!

This issue has been fixed in 19.04.30, Thank you! :grinning:


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