Position-presets - distorted on exported output

Hi …

I have problem exporting what I see in Shotcut that appears fine but distorted in the exported file.
I uses position presets, with also other filters on RS (adjust x,y and scale) and the normal Crop Source filter.

First image shows appears fine in shotcut - layout of 4 video position Top Left,Right and bottom left, right.
2nd image shows exported out put distorted layout of 4 video

I tried exporting in both Youtube (mp4) and quicktime animation (.mov) file, both has exactly the same distorted layout as shown in 2nd image.
Perhaps I have to use other export format to get this right? or is it something to do with RS filter cannot be used with position-presets ?

exported output layout distorted

This is a well known problem with using Rotate and Sale filter’s X/Y Offset parameters and Preview Scaling. The plan is to bring rotation into the Size and Position filter (rename accordingly) and hide (Rotate and Scale).

Hi … so there is no work around?
Any ideas I can do this in other ways …?

Turn off preview scaling, adjust to be correct. Then, you can turn preview scaling back on and overlook the incorrect layout knowing it will be correct in export.

Also I see you are using size and Position filter in addition to rotate and scale filter. That might be a factor too. Is that necessary? Can you just use one of those?

Essayez ce filtre
00 size_position_rotation.zip (78.4 KB)
Je l’ai écrit en modifiant l’actuel filtre Taille et position pour lui rajouter le paramètre Rotation, comme il est prévu dans le plan de Dan.
Dézippez le fichier, vous obtiendrez un dossier qu’il faut placer dans le dossier filtre de Shotcut (Chemin sous Mac OS x)
/Applications/Shotcut 20-07.app/Contents/Resources/shotcut/qml/filters/
Cela va vous ajouter un nouveau filtre appelé “Taille, Position et Rotation”

Deepl traduction
Try this filter
00 size_position_rotation.zip (78.4 KB)
I wrote it by modifying the current Size and Position filter to add the Rotation parameter to it, as in Dan’s plan.
Unzip the file, you’ll get a folder that you have to put in the Shotcut filter folder (Path under Mac OS x)
/Applications/Shotcut 20-07.app/Contents/Resources/shotcut/qml/filters/
This will add a new filter called “Size, Position and Rotation”.

Hi Leader @shotcut,
I tried many combinations. My findings are
For. bottom two video clips (using preset bottom right, left), it does not matter if I use RS+PS+CropSource filters … or in any combinations , it works fine on the export video layout.

The issue is on the top 2 video clips (using preset top right, top left).
It does not work (distorted layout position) even if I just use PS alone !! without either or both crop source and RS filters. I even tried all 4 videos with just PS and presets … still distorted layout like earlier.
So I conclude that PS top left and right for some reasons are not working any more in later version of shot cut.

So to the rescue … thanks to @Namna SPR filter … it works fine when I apply SPR on both top left and top right video (WYSIWYG now on layout :)), even with crop source combination filter.

See images of final outcome I could achieve (not the best for top left as I could not use RS to scale it before crop source filter. Neither can I use PSR that does not have a “scale up” feature like RS does.

Final best outcome I could achieve in view of this constraint, RS + PS can’t work well on top 2 video clips. Well to be exact, I think the PS + preset does not well anymore in latest shotcut … nothing to do with RS use or not use.

How I setup for top left video with PSR (position top left) and RS.(the latter to position image centre).

How I setup for top right video with new PSR from Namna.

Turn off Preview Scaling.

Namna’s size_position_rotation cannot be included in Shotcut release as it is. All 3 use the same filter within the engine; they are just different UIs and exercise some different, some common parameters. I will add rotation to the Size and Position filter to make something similar that is not in French and does not drop features in Size and Position.

I want to make a suggestion for when the rotation parameter gets added in Size and Position. Currently in the Rotate and Scale filter if you want to make an animation of an object rotating you have to manually set a discrete keyframe, go back to the start of the bar and calculate the right value to have the animation begin at to do just one more round of rotation.

Can it be updated to make it much easier and faster to do animations of rotation that go for as long as the user wants?

Hi @shortcut, leader
Namna has share with me a technique on how to solve my problem :slight_smile:
Of course with the use of his PSR …
Look forward to your new release with this feature …

Just to share with you the final outcome thanks to Namna’s technique …

I don’t know how to point to his email on the steps involved.

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