Position of keyframes


I was wondering if it would be possible to make the positioning of mask or any other moveable effect with keyframes more easy?
I want to make a localized blur on a face in a video and the face moves. Actually I have to put a keyframe in the position in which the face is an make another where it will move. Well this is the only way but that’s not what is difficult. The difficulty is that the position must be given by moving a dot on the keyframe timeline. One for vertical and one for horizontal which is not so practical in my opinion.

Wouldn’t there be an option to place the mask/object/whatever directly on the project video?
Like you look at the project video. For my example you have a blur circle. You place it on the face of the person you wanna hide, run the video a bit or move in the timeline and then when the face moved you move the object/mask/whatever to the new face’s place to make a new keyframe. It’s globally the same system as now except the coordinates are on an invisible grid on the video (maybe some kind of invisible coordinates system under or over the video with which you can interract with the center of the system being the center of the video and said system size changes with the video display size).

Summarized, you give a first position on the video. Run along a bit and then move to make a new position and the app makes its magic as now by moving the object/mask/whatever from position A to position B in the timeline given.

The system we have now can stay but we could work with either which we’re more comfortable with.

As a side idea of this the zoom could be also made to work on the video display. Like you can zoom on the place you over your mouse on a picture in some apps, here you could over your mouse where you want to zoom, zoom with the mouse wheel (maybe with Ctrl button activated to avoid misrolls) til you’re satisfied with the zoom level and make your keyframe. And then as before the program makes its magic to go from zoom level 1 to zoom level 2 in the allocated timeline. This would allow a maybe easier and faster way to work with keyframes.

So yeah here were some idea, I don’t know if it’s possible but I thought it may be interesting and useful.

Thanks for your work

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