Poor optimization

What has happened, that from several versions the program is getting worse, it crashes, slows down, crashes, turns off. Even a few versions ago I could easily work on several paths, adding different effects and using keyframes, now with the latest version 18.8.14 it is very difficult to use keyframes, because the program stops responding and everything works very slowly. If it had been the same before, I would have thought it was something with hardware but before that everything worked much smoother with more advanced projects. Is there a chance to improve this?

Just in case, check out this thread and see if the same is happening to you. If so it’s a quick painless fix when it’s happening.

I use lots of key-frames in my work and it’s ticking along as well as ever for me, unless the problem I describe in that thread occurs, then it slows to a crawl.

I will check this thread soon, and in the meantime I will add that the closer the timeline is, the more the program, the playback, the effects are clipped, the closer the timeline is, the more it starts to walk noticeably smoother.