Poll: should we create language-specific categories?

Should we create a category here for each language that is available within Shotcut?

  • Yes, even though the developers and support staff may be unable to help.
  • No, everyone should use English (so everyone with at least some ability to read English can benefit)

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Whoops, I accidentally voted for the wrong one.

Can I change mine to English?



Haha. I do not know how to edit the poll results. Don’t worry about it.


I have two contraditory opinions regarding this. English is the “lingua franca” of the Internet and if someone is in the Internet and wants to have global access it must know a little bit of english to move around.

On the other side we must not exclude people of using a good software being Shotcut or other and since Shotcut already have language translations it´s a good thing to have a dedicated category for each language.

If the decision it to create the language specific categories, a disclamer post is needed to alert that the developers don’t known every available language and that the support will depende of other specific language users to help.

Luis Sismeiro

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I am in agreement here. I feel that keeping the site exclusively English in a way discourages users who do not speak it, and resources for getting help/tutorials and such are not as common in other languages. However English is the way that we can most effectively help others.

I am liking @sismeiro’s post for the disclaimer notification as well, in case the separate languages categories are made.

I am pinging this topic so it raises to the top of the list to hopefully get more votes.

I’m bi-lingual (also German). I’m active some other English forums where the issue comes around on occasion. Perhaps the best choice is a compromise of “post in the main area” but providing space for extended non-English threads.

Some people have a working knowledge of English but are uncomfortable posting in English Many of the threads here sort out the issue in a few posts. For that reason, it’s probably better to leave things as they are but offer a non-English space for extended conversations.

BTW, what prompted the question? Are you hearing about people being effectively locked out by language issues?

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