Polish translation mistake on Exporting a video

Hey! First of all I am really happy to use Shotcut.

I am using Shotcut version 19.06.15 on a Polish version of Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon

When I want to export my video file it opens my home directory and asks me to “Otwórz” a file.
“Otwórz” means “Open” in Polish.

I think it should be “Zapisz” (Save) or “Wyeksportuj” “Eksportuj” (Export) instead of “Otwórz” (Open).

On Gimp export they use “Wyeksportuj” button.

Thank you.
Cheers from Poland.

Do you have a Transifex or GitHub account? If so, you could add the translation yourself.

This the File Save dialog from the OS accessed by Qt. We do not specify the text of this button and translate that. Here is the code just to ensure the point:

You see we do set the text in the window title using the caption variable and the “mp4” in the drop-down widget of the dialog but not the button text.

I am not sure where this bug lives, but I believe it will resolve itself over time as some component is upgraded.

Thank you for your suggestion. This might be very interesting for me.

thank you for your reply. So the time will show the bug.

Once again thank you for your job. I really enjoy the freedom of video making with Shotcut.

if you guys come to Poland Warsaw one day - I will take you for a beer.


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