Png is pixelated when added to playlist and when exporting the video

hi, i have an issue and searched on google and yt, but i still have a high res png that will export very much pixelated in shotcut. help would be much appreciated. the video is low res, but if i export in 1920x1080, the png should be sharp, not pixelated.

I am using shotcut version 19.12.31

The video itself is only 480px. But the png is high res. Could it be that shotcut is downgrading the png to match the video? Because I use a lot of 4k footage otherwise and the pngs never get pixelated with higher resolution footage.

Hallo und welcome!

Can you post us a screenshot?

Hi, thank you!

I cannot upload screen recordings in the forum yet as a new member. But here the link to the shotcut fb post where i posted the video in the comments. The screen recording is low res due to me using a free software, tiny take. But the png is very high res and not pixeled:

What is your video mode set at?
What are the file specifications of the files you’re working with.
What filters are you using?
Computer specs?
Operating System?
Shotcut version?

I think someone is going to have to duplicate the issue to help you.

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