PNG images are "not seekable"

Trying to create a video that is a composite of PNG images but they’re all non-seekable

Experimented with removing alpha (transparency) information from the PNG files to no avail

If I convert these files to JPG they will import but as an all white image instead

I haven’t yet come across a not seekable PNG. There might be something unique about the ones you’re using. Please upload one of the images so that someone might look at it and figure out why it’s not working.

What is your operating system, Shotcut version, and where did you get Shotcut? Your build or installation seems broken. This is not reproducible by me.

Windows 10, Shotcut version 19.09.14 downloaded from Fosshub thru the link on Shotcut website

I agree that it may be to do with these specific files. I tried a random PNG I found, worked fine

The PNG you provided works fine for me. Maybe you uploaded one of the PNG that works for you instead of one that does not. One that does not is useful here.

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