Plus sign under playlist did not respond

I am trying to split a small 3 minutes clip into small 20 seconds sections.
Opened the clip in the play list, dragged it to the timeline.
Placed the play head on the timeline in 20 seconds position.
Selected the video, clicked on the ][ spliting icon, selected the first section on the timeline, right clicked and selected ‘cut’.
Clicked the + (plus) sign to add the cut section to the playlist, the Plus sign did not respond and the cut section was not added to the playlist.
Made some T&E and changed from ‘project’ to ‘source’ (under the preview window), only then the plus sign responded and the cut section wa aadded to the playlist.
From here on the playhead in the same position, selected the video, selected to cut and so added the rest of the sections to the playlist.
The rest was easy. Exported the clips from the play list.
Why did not the plus sign responded in the first place, something wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated

Shotcut version 22.11.25
Win 10 pro 19044.2251 21H2 x64

Hi @Motim

This is a bug. Reported here:

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