Plug in Interface


what would be great to have is an interface for plug-in photo and video filters. I am thinking of the Adobe Photoshop interface, which appears to be the standard. Using Adobe PS filters on movies would be great, but GIMP should have filters too, Imagenomic, Realgrain etc. Also the Nik Filters are available for free, that would be great addition and would also relief the programmers of Shotcut to keep producing filters.

Best Fabian

There is already a plugin mechanism, but it is not compatible with the things you mention. A document on the web site explains some of this. There are already many so-called plugins available in the MLT engine that we have not yet exposed. Here is a list of filters - some of which are exposed. We do not expose these in an automatic manner because generic UIs tend to give poor user experience, and there is not a good way to offer language translations. Things holding back exposing more of them is limited developer resources and priorities. Also, the filter menu needs to be reworked to make working with many more filters easier by adding categories, descriptions, and search.

Hi, sure see you point with limited resources, all the UI stuff is really time consuming… Since I am not a video geek atm , rather one for photos, I mentioned Photoshop. They also have introduced a timeline and video function with teh latest CC version, where you can apply many if not all smart filters.

In other programmes the interfaces attracted many programmes and helped widening the user base, and programmer base.

Well let me check out the filter list there.
Best and thank you