Please recommend encoding settings

I am using this setting in 230514 version. I could not find similar settings in latest versions.

Video size becomes too large and the quality changes.

The video size depends on the quality settings. You have 100%, this gives the thickest files. I recommend no higher than 60%.

I want to keep the quality close to the original.

I was previously advised to adjust the B frame, but it is difficult to find Similar to what was created in the previous version.

it is necessary to differentiate between real loss of visual quality and loss of information without degradation of the visual appearance. I don’t go into the principles of video compression, a broad and complex subject, depending on the codecs used and implemented (a big mess, nothing is standardized)
So I base my remarks on my slight understanding of the subject and also on my own experiences (numerous experiments).
In HEVC (H.265), compression can be less than 50% for almost indistinguishable video quality on compression (value 45%)
The associated GOP should be a multiple of the FPS, at 30fps, 120 or 150 is a good value.
To preserve quality video without loss, you might as well use an uncompressed format (for archive)
For high quality broadcasting, I set it to 71% with a GOP of 150 (for 30fps)
For high quality broadcasting - no visible difference with the previous setting - 55%, GOP 150

With its settings, I use the exported videos in Shutter encoder to obtain a video of precise size while controlling the quality.

100% with a GOP of 3 is not a setting to make; a lossless format must be used.


Thank you for your detailed explanation.

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