Please Make Shotcut Less Laggy

Shotcut has been much laggier then the older versions for me. It seems like the update made it more laggy,
What do you Think?

Shotcut is not laggy for me. More than likely your computer is not powerful enough to run Shotcut. General statements of your experience without posting specifics is a bit useless. Review the recommended computer specifications.

It is not intentional to make it laggy. Of course, Shotcut should be better at everything it does. That goes without saying. This is useless generalization.

You might experiencing a problem with an old, previous shotcut.exe process that did not close as described here:

That can also explain why you are unable to delete a file because the old shotcut.exe process still has it open, and Windows will not let you delete it.

Close Shotcut if running, open the Task Manager, go to Details, look for shotcut.exe, select it, and click End task.
Now, try deleting your files and see if the performance of Shotcut improves.

But it wasn’t laggy till it updated

Updated from what version to what version?
Also, you need to better define what you mean by “laggy.” During playback? Doing what?