PLEASE HELP! Sound problems!

Hey there, I am a small producer that uploads type beats to YouTube… for creating the videos for the instrumentals I use Shotcut.
My problem is that the claps in the beats, not all of them, but some, are weirdly crunchy, not as punchy and full and just overall sound very bad… the intensity of this differs aswell.
This only occurs in the exported .mp4 file, the mp3 of the beat is free of any issues…
Can someone help me? I have to finish the videos until Sunday!
Thank you so much in advance!!


Try changing the audio codec in the exported MP4 to ac3 or mp3. AAC is known to have some weird side effects in its perceptual model.

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Sir I cannot thank you enough!! ac3 did the trick, everything is crisp again…
Tanks again you are truly a life saver <3


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