(PLEASE HELP) Does Shotcut support Multi track recording imports?*SOLVED*

I know that shotcut supports multiple tracks, that’s not the problem. I’ve been trying to make it easier for myself to edit by trying to do multitrack recordings with Obs and VoiceMeeter Potato. I’m 99% sure I have all of the recording stuff done right but when I try to import the recording in shotcut it only has mic audio and not the other tracks. I have them exporting as mkv and have multiple tracks selected for recording and for the way the tracks are labeled. I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own for a while now and really need help.

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What if you bring the same audio file into Shotcut multiple times on different tracks? Then on each clip/track, go to the Properties panel > Audio tab and change the audio stream to a different one? If I’m understanding correctly, OBS (or something) is generating audio with potentially 2+ streams in it, but Shotcut isn’t going to play back all of them on a single track. Shotcut only plays a single audio stream per track.


That actually worked! Thank you! I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t automatically make extra audio tracks for the other streams since it’s usually really good about making the extra tracks if something doesn’t fit. Again thank you.

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Austin’s answer is great! The way I do it, which is (maybe) quicker and neater for editing, is to import the recording into Shotcut once, click on properties/audio/track and select the first audio track from the drop down. Then I right-click on the recording and detach audio. Then I go back to its properties to select the second track and do the same, going through each track. By the end, you will have only one video recording and multiple audio tracks. This is especially helpful if you have lots of audio tracks, as you won’t be adding a new video recording each time. I haven’t found a way to get Shotcut to separate out the multiple audio tracks on import unfortunately. If anybody else has, I would also be grateful for that.

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