Please feel free to delete. Problem compiling and the file

Really having a difficult time building this. I realise this not a standard build process or using the recommended builds so sincerest apologies if this not appropriate here.

Building shotcut-git using the aur (arch user repository builds which build from scratch) which has compiled from git on 64 bit Archlinux. I started having problems building this way from about two months ago. I tried the build system as recommended on here but would like to get this working again.

From the file it appears I am getting this error.

'minQtVersion' is not a recognized test function.
Project MESSAGE: Cannot build Shotcut with Qt version 5.15.1.
Project ERROR: Use at least Qt 5.12.0.

That is my Qt version, 5.15.1 so it’s the above the minimum 5.15.0 5.15.1 but it’s not being accepted. I’m hoping there’s a simple fix or file to edit.

Again, sorry if I should not be posting this, feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

In git qmake is no longer supported and there are no .pro files, only cmake.

Sorry, I just noticed was still there but none of its dependent pri ands pro files. I am going to remove it now.

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OK thanks for that. Much appreciated.

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