Please critique my video

This video is scheduled to be public by the end of July, so I have plenty of time to make changes. I don’t know what else is needed.


Your video is private so no one can see it. Change it to unlisted instead so it can be seen here but not discoverable yet on YouTube site/app.

Oh sorry it should now be viewable

The goal / intention of the video is not clear to me. In the first 10 sec. i was thinking this is going to be an intro but as the intro went on and on i thought its a kind of ‘making-of’ key-bone animation in blender. But its definetly much too fast to follow. So in the end i guess this is all a kind of intro to show what you can do with Blender but not a real learning video as its much too fast to follow. So i guess you aimed for an intro - buts its way too long for an intro in my opinion. Could be something like a demo-real for Blender - not sure. For a demo-real i missed the rendering part - to show off the final result of your work. Lots of people - not in the 3d-rendering area - won’t even grasp what this is all about i guess!


For a simple montage it works. It’s simple and it works, not very entertaining but I think it works.

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What I need to change to keep your interests

Who is the audience you are trying to reach with this video?

People who like “how it’s made” and “behind the scenes” videos

If you’re trying to do a how to tutorial, then you probably need more information within the video. If I had searched that program to figure out HOW to do it, the video wouldn’t have given me enough information. I would need some voice over with specific information. It truly depends on the avatar of your audience.

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I liked your video. I saw it as a demonstration video. A bit like the sped-up videos that shows artists painting or drawing.

I think the public you are targeting will be hooked as in Ti-Tk and company. My son 12 years old is watching this kind of video, why I don’t know but we can see the amount of work it is.

My suggestion would be to add infos:
-the software used
-the total time involved
-the goal which personnaly add a sense to those kind of “satisfying” content

BTW nice work shown. Respect my dear. My index hurts watching this! :pray:

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