Please Critique my new video

It’s the first time I’m recording my voice and I’m a nervous about how it sounds. This video is scheduled to be publc in late December so I have time to make changes.

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To me the audio sounded excellent.
The voice capture is very clear. I have no trouble at all understanding every word you say.
And the volume balance between the voice and the background music is excellent also.

I’m also very impressed by your drawing skills. I wish I was only half as talented :slight_smile:

Lovely point to start from.

I suggest that you consider that the scene could be more complex than what you are showing, if you want to.

So for example, you think “It’s just about a drawing of a frog” who is sitting “on a branch”. However in a mystical world it can be more complex than that. Let me present an alternative way of viewing the scene.

You’re drawing a tree branch. They are typically alive and teaming with life. Tree’s, it has now been discovered, are known to be alive and use photo cells on their leaves to watch. The rest of the tree is therefore watching you, as are the other trees and possibly some birds. Forest people typically have a huge respect for trees because they are typically the Elders of the Forest and know everything. If you’re having a really bad day or lost or hungry, you can literally go hug a really big tree and you’ll feel better and be able to go on your way.

My point is that you have at least 4 conscious subjects in your scene now, yourself, the tree, the frog and the plants in the location and possibly a pond, river or creek where the Frog lives. It’s teaming with life.

Think about using the reveal of a section to preview a forest view that only appears when you stop to examine the drawing. The drawing comes to life, slowly, one bit at a time. when you start drawing again, the background fades and the hand continues drawing. In the same way that you are magically creating a Frog character.

There’s an open and closing book effect that you could use on the page “to see” if the frog and branch are fully created. Like a “peek at” effect. You may have to do it yourself.

It’s up to you how much or little of this you do.

Your voice is great and slowly hypnotising. Work on making it more hypnotic by relaxing so that the viewer just gets seduced into the relaxation of the scene.

At the end, can the Frog jump off the page into the water? Perhaps you could animate the jumping and shock the viewer ?

Mr Frog appreciates your creation but it’s time for him to leave because it’s his dinner time in 10 minutes down at the pond.

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