Please Add support for the user to be able to increase the amount of memory shotcut can use

I’m currently using Shotcut version 19.04.30 on Windows 10 64-bit
as far as that I’m aware of the current Shotcut version 19.04.30
does not have the ability for the end-user to be able to adjust the amount of Ram or memory did it can use there is a free video editor called Olive here is the download link
the free video editor called Olive has the ability for the user to adjust the amount of memory or Ram
that it can use if you open the free video editor called Olive and then go under Tools and then go under preferences and then once under preferences go to the playback Tab and you will see
upcoming frame Q and under that same tab you will also see the previous frame Q
increasing the amount of memory in the upcoming frame Q option that I get much better window and timeline performanceI would like to see this implemented because most computers that you Video Edit with currently has 16 gigs of RAM or more memory
end the current version of shotcut did I am using has very jerky and stuttering frame rate in the preview window and the timelineand in using the olive with the Olive free video editor my video playback and Tom run performance is much better and smoother free video editor and shotcut free video editor I have been using the same computer for all the testing and the results
any feedback to my question would be most appreciated thank you Dan Dennedy

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Yeah, this would be quite nice to have. I’ve a 16GB RAM too and most of the time I saw Shotcut hover around 1GB RAM and is laggy. If I can be faster by using more memory, let’s do it!

Memory is not the bottleneck for Shotcut. The processing pipeline is. There are already plans on the feature roadmap to address this, so hopefully that is encouraging.