Playlist -> Why always sort again?


a little issue with that Playlist…, because it is always sorted again!
I drag an item in it, put it into the Timeline, playback, put another item into the Timeline, and it isn’t the same as before, because the sort of the Playlist has changed!
I am constantly re-re-sorting … and that sucks!

This happens under Windows (i.m.c. Win-7), as well as under Linux (i.m.c. Linux Mint 18.1)…

Can someone turn it off please?

TIA :slight_smile:
And best regards

I do not reproduce or understand. It is always in the order in which you control (unsorted) unless you choose a sort action in the playlist, which only occurs once at the time you choose it. If you do not like it then do not use it - either playlist sorting or the playlist at all. Playlist is not mandatory. Use your file system manager such as Explorer to arrange things in a folder instead.


I try to explain…, but first: Just started the new project, and, 'til now, no re-sorting!

But yesterday, I began the new project, I added new pictures, and after dragging into the playlist, they were sorted like in the file manager.
Then I dragged one item of the playlist into the timeline and that item was moved either one down, or even to the end of the playlist, every time.
Believe or not…
Currently I try to figure out, where the difference is, between yesterday and today…

This is fixed for the next version 19.12

Ok, thanks!

'Til then… :slight_smile:

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