Playlist View as Icons Enhancement

The Grid-like view is really useful in rearranging playlist items.
It would be more useful (to me anyway) if 2 features could be added:

  1. Copy a clip from the playlist and paste it back into the playlist (useful for boilerplate clips)
  2. Hover over an item and it displays info about the clip, as you get in the View as Details.

Also, and I know this would be tricky, could the timeline be somehow ‘imported’ or reflected back as icons in a playlist grid view?

This feature is already available.

Select the clip in the playlist. Press enter or double click to open it in the viewer. Make changes. Press '+" or shift a to add/copy the clip to the playlist. Or press the check icon or shift b to update the clip in the playlist.

Thanks for the explanation.
Sorry for asking dumb questions, but I’m still very new to Shotcut.
I’m trying to get a project done in a hurry and have not had time to fully find my way round all the features…