Playlist path is absolute

Palylist file path is absolute and this could be a problem working on two or more workstation.

I shave simply edited the project file changing absolute path to relative and everything work. Would be nice to have relative path in file project. Just a little suggestion.


Please implement a smart file finder feature. After you find correct path for 1st file on the playlist, let all the remaining paths be intelligently fixed if they all changed in the same way.
I have wrote my own program for correcting mlt files like this, but it really should be built-in on Shotcut itself.

It will use relative paths for files are in the same folder or a sub-folder of the project file.

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this is very good, but there still is a special case I think, because I had that problem in my project and I had to replace a whole bunch of files.
Not sure if it was that all of the clips were in separate folders, or that UI was less smart, I will try to re-create and take a screenshot, but I had a table with 2 columns, left the name of the file with an icon suggesting there was a problem and another with the New path, that I could click a button on to select the replacement file.
After I did that, it only affected that particular file and I still had to re-choose every other clip on that list.