Playlist of Videos Made on Shotcut

I finally managed to create a playlist of the videos I’ve created in the past year. It was a lot of learning, but I’m glad I stuck with Shotcut. I can definitely see the progression, from when I first learned to the better videos later on. Please check it out. Ask me if you want to know how I did any effects, and subscribe if you like.




Your video is not available for watching on the forum. You need to alter its permissions on Youtube.

Just watched it. It brought back memories from when Sue and I went there a few years ago and the ending is just magical.

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A well made video! It really looks like fun - and very exhausting.
I especially like your use of separated foregrounds and backgrounds to move them independently. The filters on the short history section resulted in a nice modern as well as antique look. And I find your music selection well-chosen. (Also, you did not censor a cuss, which many YouTubers do and I find that ridiculous.)
There are also some points I did not like: It seems you used an “Old Film” filter throughout the video, which was irritating in brightly lit sections. There are so many LUTs out there, I am quite certain you could have found a fitting one. Sometimes voices were not audible due to the loud background music. I suggest you the extra tip of following post: Ideal Volume Levels for Audio on YouTube Uploads?
I will use the technique with separated backgrounds and foregrounds in future videos, thanks for that.

I fixed it right after I posted. It should be showing soon

By the way. I used some of your filters in many of your videos. My favorite is persistense. Thank you!

Here’s a new one from my fishing section:

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