Playlist Items randomly disappearing

I will be editing a project for a while and after adding new items to the list, working, saving, …I notice some items on the playlist have disappeared or been “replaced” by the new items. I add new playlist items by drag and dropping.

I have experienced this error since v200913, perhaps earlier. Extremely frustrating.

Using Win10, x64, v201128 (as of now, v210129 has other bugs)

I don’t know specifically when the problem happens, it occurs after having the project open for a while, working on it, and saving and adding playlist items several times. Then I notice something I need has gone missing and if I reload, I find out that it saved the project with the messed up playlist. So I have to manually re-add all the playlist items.

Any ideas, explanation or solution?

I see that you’re using 201128, but does this problem exist with 210129 as well?
Are all of your files in one folder, on your computer?
Using any cloud or USB drives?
Using HDD (Hard disk drive), SSD (Solid State Drive), NVME drives?
Running any anti-virus? If yes, have you experienced the same with anti-virus off?

Hi Hudson555x,

No I haven’t used 210129, since there is a bug with the track height size so I don’t know if it still happens in that version. But it has happened in every version before this, at least back to 200913.

• Files are local, organized in a couple of subfolders.
• No, no cloud or external drives.
• AV on/off - unknown. I don’t shut off my AV for any application. If it doesn’t work with my AV like every other program I use, I move on to a better program.

I have not seen this, but I recall a user reporting something similar when changing Color Mode in Properties. I was never able to reproduce that. It could also be from certain actions like keyboard shortcuts or Playlist<->Source interactions that are having unexpected Playlist operations whether by design or not. There are remove, replace, and update actions in Playlist items that may be triggered.

I have been noticing it in 21.01.29, it is very random. I think I was seeing it in 20.11.28 also, but I’m not sure of that.

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