PLAYLIST dont show videos


When i open a video, should appear in the playlist.
Now he doesn’t do that until i press the “+” button.
In the beginning, that was not the case.
Since the video grad appeared in the playlist.
Does not want to configure the program from the beginning.
Where do I change that?
shoptcut.ini, Registry ?



The only time Shotcut automatically adds to the Playlist is when you open multiple files since they cannot all be in the player at the same time. Otherwise, if you open one, then you must add it manually. It has always been like this and is not configurable.
The rules are similar when dropping files from your file manager except it depends on whether you drop inside the Playlist panel or not. If you drop inside the Playlist it goes into the Playlist. If you drop outside the playlist, it behaves same as Open regarding single or multiple files.

Thanks for the info.

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