Playlist does not show files when opening project created in latest version

Windows 10 64bit
Shotcut version 24.02.29
Problem repeats everytime I open a project created in the newest version. (24.02.29)

Yesterday I installed the newest version (24.02.29), and started to edit a new video.
I did my normal routine, dragging the file into the playlist and edited. No problems. When wrapping up for the night, I saved the project and exited the program as normal.
Today, when opening the project, none of the files in playlist window is showing. It shows in the timeline. (See attached screenshot). I have tried everything to make them visible but no…Does not show up.

If I open a project created in the last version, there’s no problem. Files shows up in playlist.
I’m confused…need advice on what to look for.
shotcut-log.txt (50.1 KB)

Your bug did not reproduce for me

I tested more than once including using proxy. It is possible you accidentally removed them from the playlist, for example, using keyboard shortcuts. Try again and write down all of the steps so you can post them here. I see you are using the timeline. You do not need to have them in the playlist too.

I woke up last night, dreaming that I had scrolled all the way down in the playlist, hiding the files. I got up just to verify. But no. No such luck. I wish it was that easy.

I have tried to restore Windows to before I installed the latest version of Shotcut just to see if that made any difference. No difference at all. No files visible in the playlist.

I then tried to open the project on another pc with another version of shotcut. Still no files in the playlist.

I have made a habit of overlooking the whole screen just before x’ing out the program. So did I prior to this happening. Everything was in the playlist when I exited the software. So there’s no possible way I could have accidentally deleted the files from playlist.

I tried to add the files again to the playlist. Dragging them into the playlist. Then saving the project. Exited the program. Waited a moment for the software to fully shut down. Then I re-opened the software, re-opened the project an the files were visible in the playlist.
I found that “solution” on another post where a guy experienced the same thing.

What do you mean I don’t need the files in the playlist too? When working with over 180 files, it makes it a lot easier to have the files in the playlist, dragging them into the timeline.

Will you add the function “playlist folders” to Shotcut in any near future?
It’s so much easier to have control of a-roll, b-roll, c-roll etc.

Thanks for taking your time to answer :slight_smile: