Playing just s selected clip

I want to delete a portion of a video (In, Out, X). It’s sometimes hard to get it just right. It seems you have to undo and re-do the process.
I am wondering if Shotcut can do what Audacity does:
In Audacity you can select a portion; press PLAY to play just the portion. This lets you 1) hear what you are about to delete.
Better still, you can press “C” and it will play a moment before and a moment after the selected portion. This lets you 2) preview the clip after the deletion is made.
It is also possible to drag the IN and OUT points to tweak the selection.
It seems
Thanks very much.

Not possible yet to select just one part of a clip in Shotcut, but I agree this would be a great feature.
@brian is actually working on a markers system, and judging but what he showed us, maybe something similar to what you described in 1) and 2) will be possible.

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