Playhead focus - should it follow your eyes?

I’ve wondered for a while now if Shotcut snapping its focus back to the playhead once you’ve made a change elsewhere is normal. Do other editors work that way? In my opinion - for what it’s worth - it would be more logical for the timeline focus to follow what you’re actually working on and looking at at the time.

As it is I have to remember to keep moving the playhead to match my travels back and forth along the tracks. If I forget, the focus abruptly leaps back to where I started, which is very disorientating and wastes time because then you have to scroll back to where you were and then bring the playhead into view by clicking the timeline.

Is it just me?

Playhead is always the focus on a time line as all editors assume this is the position you are logically interested in because it directly relates to what is displayed in the review window at that time position. (Time and position are synonymous when working with video)