Playhead doesn't snap to clip edges

Working with Shotcut 19.12.31 on Ubuntu 20.04.

I’m working to a video with several clips and tracks. When I move the playhead, it doesn’t snap to the clips edges, which I need. I have already already ensured that snapping is on, and indeed the clips snap to each other. I also tried to:

  1. restart Shotcut
  2. restart the system
  3. toggle off and on snapping
  4. reinstall Shotcut

I need to use version 19.12.31, but I also tried with 20.07.11 and it has the same problem.

If other info is needed please ask for them.

Snap does not include playhead movement by design. It would be inconvenient to set up overlapping transitions if it did.

To move the playhead to the start or end of a clip, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Left/Right Arrow.

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