Player > Loop


The Shotcut preview player has a loop feature that allows the player to loop around a region when it reaches the end.

Enabling Looping

The loop mode can be accessed from the Player menu

It can also be accessed by clicking on the loop button in the player controls

When looping is enabled, the loop button in the player controls will be highlighted
Click the loop button again to disable looping

When player looping is enabled, a highlight region appears in the player timeline to show the looping area

If the looped region is in the timeline, then the highlight will also appear in the timeline ruler

Loop Ranges

Shotcut provides the following options to select the region to be looped:

  • Loop All - loop the entire clip or timeline (depending on what is selected)
  • Loop Marker - loop around the area specified by a range marker that is currently under the cursor. If the cursor is not under a range marker in the timeline, this option will not work.
  • Loop Selection - loop around the selected clips in the timeline. If no clips are selected in the timeline, this option will not work
  • Loop Around Cursor - set a loop that starts one second before the current cursor position and ends one second after the current cursor position