Player Layout ... Removing Overlays and Panels

From Player Layout.
First thing is sometimes over the video is a white box or vert line from one of the filters. Annoying. I assume the workaround is CTRL+D, select none. Esoteric not obvious.

Second thing is say the Timeline is on, your press the playlist button so that comes on. How then do you switch them off? If you press playlist button again it does not disappear. It just remains there until Restore Default Layout.

I would expect say that a right click on empty area gives you an Close Panel option, or if you click Timeline a 2nd time it removes the Timeline.

Sometimes I have seen a faint cross top right of some panels, but it is not there on mine - could it be that launching it with --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 1.25 … means that the close button is not visible? Thats just a guess.

Sometimes I can detach the timeline but then cannot close it.

Hmm … at least some of these options should work, no ?

There are multiple ways of closing a panel/window.
Here is one of them:

Also in View →

Thanks. The first one just toggles the panel. But the second one does work.

What is confusing is that from the Toolbar at the top if you click Timeline it does not close the Timeline panel. And that button has the exact same icon as the View>Timeline button.

I assumed that as it had the same label and icon its functionality was the same. But it seems one closes the panel and the other doesnt.

As I said the Toolbar Timeline button does not remove the panel, but the View > Timeline button does. Although they have the same title and icon.

Works for me.

I don’t believe the toolbar at the top ever did remove panels. Although I have not tested it with previous versions.

What the top toolbar does is bring immediate focus to that panel, or open the panel up if it was never opened or it was closed.


Shotcut version 23.06.14
Windows 10

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From Player Layout press Timeline button and it shows up. Press it again and nothing happens.

From the View menu there is another Timeline button with the same icon but its functionality is different. This one does toggle on and off the Timeline. > Inconsistent UI

Plus why isn’t there an X to close in the top right corner, or right click close panel.

And (from Player view) if you press some other buttons on the toolbar all the panels come on. But then you cannot remove them with the same button. Therefore the toolbar buttons DO NOT work as a toggle button. They do not switch … they activate, and should therefore deactivate on clicking again.

As for the Cross Hairs over the video left over from the filters - it would be good to have a means to remove them from Player View. The workaround is completely unintuitive.

Thank you for the screenshots… now it’s clear what’s going on.
Turn on “Show Title Bars”.
You have it turned off.


Okay, but does that answer the inconsistent UI buttons ?

The best advice I can give you is while you have the Player preset selected, go View → Layout → Restore Default Layout. This restores that preset to view the title bars, along with the ability to close panels.

I do not remember there ever being a way to use the Timeline icon on the toolbar as a toggle the way you think it should work. Is there a version of Shotcut you used that does this? If so, which one? I’m willing to install that version and try it.

These six layouts can be modified by simply turning things on and off and moving panels around. To put them back to default is to reset each one separately.

I’m thinking somewhere along the line, you may have inadvertently turned off Show Title Bars, which also hides the panel breakout/close options.

You could use the Keyboard shortcut to toggle the timeline. You can modify that keyboard Shortcut from CTRL+5 to what would make it easier for you. This way if you need to have the title bars hidden, you can toggle using just 2 buttons instead of unhiding the title bars each time, or going through the View menu.

The new solution with the timeline where the cursor goes to the right side of the path and then starts again - in a jump from the left side is tiring and slows down the sound or movie material processing. I regret to say that this “convenience” is annoying when you have material longer than 5 minutes to process. I wouldn’t mind if it was optional to choose from, but at the moment it’s just a legitimate “new feature”.

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