Playback Speed Audio Pitch using Audacity

Forgive me if this has been said before, but after searching 'how to" i could not quickly find such.

As many others, I wanted to 2x my video speed, but found that audio pitch increased to chipmunk.

This is not a detailed how to but a direction pointer.

What i found was i was able to use Audacity to import audio form the video and add two “Effects” #1 “Change Speed” to match what you want the video to be, then #2 “Change Pitch”. For example if i want 2x speed, then my appropriate pitch was -50%. Export the audio and use it in Shotcut while muting the original video.

Thanks and good luck.

If you’re not wanting to have the speed increase with the video, just separate the audio into a separate track, then trim to desired length.

If you want the same speed, but want to reduce the sharpness, try the Band Pass filter.

i tried your method, i can’t get what i want. i want exactly what i posted originally, i succeeded with 2x video and 2x audio without Alvin, Theodore and Simon.