Playback is a different video then in timeline

Yesterday shortcut just suddenly kept closing over and over again while I was editing and as I would come back on more and more of my older projects were disappearing and the project I was working on started playing a different video then what was in the timeline. And at some points in the project the playback would just be blank when there are videos in the timeline.

Ive tried restarting my computer, restarting the app and I’m not sure what to do. If you can please help me fix this I would be extremely grateful.

Do you use external USB storage devices as a input source? I do have a suspicious USB3.0-HUB which ruins my encoding if the USB-disc with the video source data is connected to the hub instead of directly connected to the PC. My hub works fine except of large file transfers which are used in shotcut. This issue is OS independent because I experienced this problem on Manjaro Linux and Win11.

A good starting point is to provide as much info as possible. Include your operating system, RAM, storage, and processor. Then tell us what version of Shotcut you are running (if you are on Linux, also include the program format).

Following that, upload your log file here.
View → Application log → Save.

Also upload the specific project mlt file you are having issues with.

Can you create a new project and work on that without any problems?

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