Playback head marker

I’m hoping someone can either help me or direct to a post on the forum to assist me.

I’m currently editing a video over 3 tracks and often need to move clips along the timeline from one part to another. However, if I make a cut and then go to find another clip further along the timeline, I have to zoom out of the timeline or make a note of the time on the timeline to find where my cut was (hope that makes sense). I know DR has a red marker along the timeline slider to denote where the playhead is but I’m not sure if SC offers the same or how others get around the problem.

I know it’s not a massive issue but I’m trying to work smarter and more efficiently so little things like this can help. Thanks guys :pray:

The common workaround is to make a Track #4 (in your case) which has preview visibility turned off, and the only thing on it is slivers of solid color clips that simulate markers.

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I suppose that would work and I could move it along the timeline as I edit (or delete and create a new one) but seems like more work to constantly move or add it. I may stick to noting the timeline location in a text editor on screen. Appreciate the response though @Austin thanks

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