Playback and Shotcut laggs when video is played

Hello! I’ve used ShotCut for quite some time (more that 2 years) on my computer characteristics of which can only support 32bit ShotCut version and it worked well. Now I have a new gaming laptop that supports 64bit version (I use v23.06.14).

In June I succesfully completed 1 simple montage (clipped videos, canged the music) and I didn’t have any problems, 1440p videos played smootly and I was really happy. Recently I’ve tried to do the montage as simple as the previous one, but one 720p video and ShotCut glitches fiercely and there is no way to edit the video now.

I’ve turned the Proxy on, the preview scaling is at 360p, the video mode is at HD 720p 50fps. Those are the 3 pieces of advise that everybody suggest to change and it doesn’t do anything. Now every project that I previouly made laggs the same way and I don’t know what to do, please help.

Give more details.
What is your operating system? During operating system updates, were the drivers for the video card updated? Are you using gpu effects? If so, have you tried turning them off?

Sorry for misleading information: I didn’t update my computer, I bought a new laptop. Does that make the question about the update of video card drivers irrelevant? Laptop’s operating system is Windows 11 Home.

Did I understand you correctly that shotcut worked well on your new gaming laptop in July, but now it doesn’t work well? During this time, from July to October, your operating system could be updated several times, including the drivers for your video card, which in theory could be one of the reasons for the inconvenience.

yes, correct

Since I got my laptop I haven’t updated operating system as a whole (i.e. didn’t go from Windows 7 to Windows 11 Home, the laptop initially came with this system). But if you mean that there minor updated (and there were some) than I guess that I can check my drivers.

Yes, of course, what I meant by the word “update” were these, at first glance, not significant updates. Unfortunately, among these updates there are often those that can disrupt the normal operation of some applications; it is not uncommon for Windows to update drivers in this way to be more crooked than they already were.

So is there a out of this situation? How can I make ShotCut work like it used to?

Some people find that other applications can interfere with Shotcut. For example antivrius or Grammarly

If you have grammarly, try to remove it. If you have anti-virus programs running, temporarily disable them. If disabling antivirus helps reduce the lag, there are usually settings in the antivirus programs to make exceptions for specific programs. Try to think of any other programs that you may have installed. Temporarily uninstall them as a test to see if they affected Shotcut. Maybe reboot with each test to be sure.

At the very beginning you indicated that you are using version 06.23.14.
Have you tried updating Shotcut to the latest version 09.23.29?

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