Play clip with dolbye

Play a clip, for example a Mxf, with DolbyE

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Maybe a little more effort on your part ?
Is that a suggestion ? A request for help ?
Please provide more details.

Anything that FFmpeg can decode, can pretty much be used directly by Shotcut.

However, Dolby E creates two problems.

First, it’s packaged in a Transport Stream (.ts file) that often has problems seeking quickly on the timeline. Many TS files are transcoded to something else to improve performance.

Second, Dolby E often has 5.1 or 7.1 audio encoded into a stereo signal. A lot of audio tools in Shotcut won’t know what to do with that.

It would be much better to first transcode the MXF file so that each audio channel encoded in Dolby E is converted into a “true” dedicated channel rather than a multiplex. Then edit those files in Shotcut and export. If the result must be transferred to another studio in Dolby E, then transcode back after the export. But Dolby E is lossy, so I can’t imagine someone actually wanting that.

Here’s a way to extract:

Sorry… Of course sorry … Is a suggestion for he future release,

I need to play a clip with DolbyE and if is possible see the all channel on Audio scopes

Thanks a lot

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A question:
(This may be a silly question, so please bear with me.)

Would it be possible, in some future revision, for the Convert function to perform this separation of audio channels?

Anything is possible with enough time and willpower. But it would be logic dedicated to this scenario. It’s pretty niche.

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