Plasma question:

Why does the bottom half of my plasma not cover up the upper black half of the video I’m trying to make?

Anyone here?

Hi - we’re all off making videos !! :smiley::smiley:

Seriously, maybe a screenshot of your whole screen would help someone here to diagnose what’s wrong, perhaps you have a size/position filter or crop filter applied to the clip, or to the track?

I’ll try and take one.

I took one, but I don’t think a screen shot of the whole screen accomplishes anything, does it? :slight_smile: I mean, it just means that there’s so much going on that you can’t see with a big screenshot. For example, on the far left are 10 frames of Paint art that can’t be seen.

Fair enough, I just thought something might show up, like if you have a filter applied, and also so we can see how many tracks you have active. Looks like just the one though. Hmm, don’t think I can see why you have your problem, maybe someone else can…?

What is the resolution of your project, do you have any scale & rotate filters applied and is your plasma the same resolution as your project ?

My thinking is, if the plasma is only half the height of your projects resolution or you have a scale & rotate filter applied, it could well explain it.

Thanks for answering. I’m new to shotcut. I was just told about it 2 days ago. :slight_smile:
The resoluntion of each frame is 1152 X 648.

The “master” on the Timeline is 16 : 9

Each plasma looks like it’s set for about 7 or 8 minutes.
Actually, each frame has it’s own filter by it’s same name.

Another question I have is, why below each frame is there a blank, empty frame the same size, and usually colored dark blue?

I’m just starting to use a program called “imovie” that’s on an Apple computer I was given. It sure looks a lot easier to use than this! Is imovie free?

I don’t know imovie, I can only tell you about Shotcut.
Shotcut has a different learning curve than other commercial video editors. The big disadvantage (or advantage according to taste) is the graphical interface because it is simple (does not have the example animations in transitions, for example), but at the same time avoids distractions.
I discovered Shotcut after a bad experience with failed exports with commercial software from a well-known developer. The null answer to my requests for help forced me to ask for a refund of the license fee and look for some interesting project.
For me, right now Shotcut covers my needs and every day, I discover new creative possibilities.
However, it does require a little effort on the part of the user. I still think a documentation section is needed.
About your question:
The resolution of the image (black.jpeg) already appears in your screenshot (top left) which is also 16:9 ratio. I created a 1152x648 px image and imported it into a 1920x1080px Shotcut project. The image fit perfectly to the project screen.

You can create a test project and drag an image without applying filters. By testing options you can come to a conclusion about what is happening.

By the way, the interface (icons and clear theme) is strange to me. I’m used to using dark themes.
It would be interesting to know if you have the latest version of Shotcut.
You seem to be running Shotcut on W10.
You can add additional data to facilitate the analysis of this.

Yes, iMovie ships with every Mac

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