Placing text

feeling really stupid here…
On 20.09.27
Has the method of inserting text changed?
Methods I used earlier don’t seem to work.
Even a simple text filter.
the text gets very small and I dont seem to have a way to place in the timeline…
What am I missing here?
Thanks all!!

hi there!
while not necessary, updating to the latest version of shotcut is always a good idea.
I don’t know what you mean by “normal” methods of inserting text, but when I insert text, i create a new video track on the timeline, and then go up to the top left of the screen and click “open other,” and then “text,” an i type what text I want to display, and then position it accordingly on the timeline, making sure that the text is above the other video tracks. If you are still having the problem, try unchecking the “use font size” box. (featured in the image below.) this should force the text to become the size of the box. If you’re still having issues, let me know so i can try to help.image

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