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Hello friends,

How can I set a 3264x2448 image to 1920x1080 with a filter?


SC v23.07.18

If your project is set at 1920x1080, you have nothing to do. Shotcut will automatically adapt the image to fit in the project. But I suspect you already know that,

If you want to resize a 3264x2448 image to 1920x1080 in a 3264x2448 project, use a Size, Position & Rotate filter, leave the Size Mode to Fill and type 1920 in the first Size box.
But here again, I suspect you already know that :thinking:

Is there a third scenario different from the two above? :wink:

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Yes, I know both of these suggestions… but I think the order was wrong. so V1 first I added a picture (3264x2448) then I added a 1920x1080 clip V1 e…

I will look at this again. There is a problem…

Thanks for the answer @MusicalBox

I am attaching a picture. As I indicated with the red arrows, there are spaces in these parts. I wonder if the resolution value of the picture is not enough?

Size, Position & Rotate filter

I think I found the solution…

my problem was solved when i did it this way…

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