PIP : Only top video shows

Admittedly this is only my 3rd video with ShotCut and I am a video editing newbie. OK so I literally was doing digital editing 25 years ago but it has been a long time since I touched anything more complicated than iMovie on an iPad. But I digress.

I have several videos loaded up. The only filter I am applying (to each individually) is Rotate and Scale

First Video
Rotation 0.0 deg
Scale 30.0 %
X offset left
Y offset top

Second Video
Rotation 0.0 deg
Scale 30.0 %
X offset bottom
Y offset right

This worked perfectly on the last two video but in this one only the top video shows. Hide the top video and the second one show. Hide it and the third shows and so on.

I did not mess with video mode. I just opened a new project and started dragging videos in.

Thanks in advance.

The situation evolves. I could have mentioned that I have 20 tracks and all but three have video hidden for now. Anyway, I made a copy and started deleting tracks from the bottom up and when I got about 1/2 way through deleting tracks all three unhidden video appeared. I hit ctl-z and added back all the tracks and the three vidoes are showing for the moment. So it is either a glitch or a processor issue. Not a setting.

This is probably what you’re experiencing.
You might want to un-hide V1 or the bottom most video track.

V1 hidden

V1 not hidden

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