Picture no longer fades out after I select it in timeline

If anyone’s interested in checking this file, I’m wondering why the second image in the timeline does not fade out, even though it has a fade out filter.

Shotcut_Jul10_18_two_pictures_transition_fade_end_not_working_1_1.zip (3.7 MB)

The exact steps to reproduce this are:
-put 1.png into Playlist
-put 2.png into Playlist
-drag 1.png to timeline
-drag 2.png to the timeline, placed after 1.png in timeline
-select 2.png in timeline and drag it half way over 1.png to create the transition
-at the end of 2.png, hover mouse to see the drag circle thing, and drag it a bit
to produce a fade out
-press Home key then Spacebar to play and notice it fades out at end nicely
-now select the 2.png in the timeline
-press Home key then Spacebar to play and notice it does not fade out at end

So why does it no longer fade out at the end after I select 2.png in the timeline?

Thanks for any ideas.

No idea, it crashed SC 18.07.02 when I tried fiddling with it.
I could re create it from scratch and it worked though.

PNG’s have been known to cause issues before. Try JPEG?

18.07 seems unstable compared to 18.03 again.

Just curious, did it work even when you selected 2.png in the timeline?
It worked for me too until I selected the 2.png in the timeline, and only then did the fadeout stop working.
Thanks for the ideas.


edit: If ‘Adjust Opacity’ is enabled for the fade-out, then nothing happens.

Sorry for the delay, internet problem had to reboot router…

I see, yes, I was not using “Adjust Opacity” checkbox option.

Okay, well maybe this one will be sorted out by the developer.

Thanks for checking the file. I’ll check it some more tomorrow.