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Excuse this message if it has been answered elsewhere already – I have not found the answer which is why I query:

<< Is it possible to make the ‘picture-in-picture’ ‘child video’ move either horizontally or vertically across a frame? And if so, how does one do so ? >>

For example, let’s say you’ve all seen talk shows where the ‘main video’ of the clip is the introduction to the show with the titling, etc. But, what if we wanted to have ‘clips’ from the show’s past, ‘slide’ through the frame either horizontally or vertically to create ‘content within content,’ meaning, seeing more video clips inside a running video clip.

Please advise. And let me know if I can be any more confusing to clear things up!

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i would try filter “size and position” on a track above the main track. You can also animate the position in the filter via keyframes. Make yourself familiar with the filter and try it. Its not very complicated i think :slight_smile:

Mr. Rilos: Hello! Thanks for responding! << How do you ‘animate’ the position via ‘keyframes’? I don’t understand…?! >>

Please advise.

Thank you for the assist!



Rilos: I was able to get the ‘slide across’ via the ‘Size and Position’ filter as you suggested!

However, that frame really ‘moves’ out of the frame FAST!

<< Is there any way to SLOW the movement of the frame? >>

(I’ll start a new thread if you deem necessary.)

Thanks again for your help and consideration.

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You need to learn about keyframing technic, this is very essential for most video editing if you want to go a little advanced. You will find many tutorials on that also for Shotcut - do a little research! With keyframes you can animate size and position of your frame moving over the clip. If its too fast you just have to prolonge the duration :slight_smile:
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/j9xb1Rzn2Sg (e.g.)

Rilos: Hello! Yes, you are absolutely correct! ‘Keyframing’ is the ‘key’! Thanks for your assist! Best of luck in your endeavors, – B.

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