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Does anybody have any idea if or how I can add a coloured border around a picture in picture screen

my main video is 19201080 and the pip is 744418, I d like to add a yellow or golden type colour around the 744*418 window only.

many thanks

You can add a PNG image (a yellow rectangle for example) of (744 + 10 px) 754 x 428 (418 + 10 px) and place the video on top of this image.
You can also use frames with many designs. Here you can find some interesting frames.

The track where you will place this image must be above the background video and below the PIP video.
If you want to use a PNG with a transparent area, you can place the frame on top of the second video.

I have simulated this with images instead of videos, but the process is the same.

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thank you very much, I will give this go in a few minutes

Good luck with your project :grinning:

An alternative to @ejmillans excellent method is to use a color clip between the two videos with 2 mask simple shape filters… If you want to keep the project in house and not use an external application to generate the border.

The attached project shows how to use the filters.

Border.mlt (16.1 KB)


@Sauron: you took away the main role of this film, hahaha.:grin:
As always, you have good advice. :+1:

@ejmillan your method is excellent. I have used pngs and fancy borders, but if the OP wants a simple border it’s easier to make one in SC rather than use and external application.

Yeah, you’re right.
I took the opportunity to include other creative ways to add borders to a PIP video. :grin:
So I also experiment with the different SC options. :thinking:

Thank you both very much the advice I achieved what I was after using gimp, @sauron I have only just seen your response now and therefore did not get a chance to try your method

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