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Perhaps a bit surprising question. Is there any worldwide known “Photosensitive Epilepsy warning” sign (to be put in videos)? And is there any font in Windows/Linux (better in Linux :stuck_out_tongue: ) containing this sign (as character)?

As for now the best what I’ve found seems to be Webdings U+F02B (61483 decimal) character. Non-unicode characters supported by the Webdings font

But it’s just sth which is similar to scren with something flashing. Do you know what this character did suppose to mean according to its author?

I tried to search on google. There are some symbols but as I can see in different videos different symbols are used.

Currently not, Even google doesn’t seem to know the origin with reverse image search. Maybe the author created it in fun, and it came out cool.

Edit:- I just saw the post again, and understood that you were talking about epilepsy, which is way different than what I previously wrote. To me, most of them just have the same text rather than signs.

If such a sign exist, it’s not easy to find. Chances are that many people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy won’t know what it means if they see it. In my opinion, a proper clip with a clear warning would be the best approach, to make sure everyone get’s the message.

Something like this:

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I am not aware of any. There is not a symbol shown on the Epilepsy Foundation’s website.

Furthermore, what would be a threshold for flashes (i.e. timing, color, length, duration) such a warning? All of the digging into epilepsy triggers for photosensitivity has been on the patients’ side of things, on what they must avoid. I have yet to find a medical website giving any specifications for video production, nor any other industry producing light flashes.

@Hudson555x The OFCOM (UK government’s Office of Communications) guidelines state:

Rule 2.12 Flashing Images
Flashing images and/or patterns can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. The Ofcom guidelines, based on scientific research, are intended to limit the incidences of seizures and a warning should only be used in place of the guidelines if editorially justified.
See attached Annex 1

The Annex gives technical details about what constitutes “Flashing Lights” etc. These are contained in document:

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In Annex 1 to be more precise. However it’s still on quite general level (and partially even depended on the given monitor as some things they mention depend ex. on luminance level set by user). And I can’t see any symbol.

I believe that some kind of lightning icon plus text “Warning! Video contains flashing images!” should be sufficient, especially if we think about YT. Btw, tik tok introduced lately some automatic warning for such videos: Although as I don’t use tik tok I’ve never seen this in real. :stuck_out_tongue:

Concerning one universal icon, probably there is no any as I can see that in different places different symbols are being used.

There is an organisation called LEAD DIY whose goal is to be a resource for people who have epilepsy & other sensory sensitivities, people who are attending shows, and artists & staff involved with the shows’ production. They have several signs and instructions for artists/production managers to use. They are on their website at:

Here are two of them

Lead DIY Warning
LEAD DIY Caution

Yeah, I saw this. But that’s only one of different symbols I’ve seen. Or I would even say two as they can’t even provide one symbol (even if perhaps the idea was to have two levels of warning…).

Yes, the the wesite says that the Caution sign is if you’re unsure what the lights may be like at the show - Always err on the side of caution! Whereas the Warning one is if you’re positive that some intense lighting is going to be used- either strobe lights or continuous bright flashing lights.

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