Photos on the V2 coming up INVALID

have just re-opened a project to continue working on it and the photos I added to V2 are no longer showing, there is just a sign over the video saying INVALID (not shouting). the photos are still showing in the V2 track and it was working before I closed the project a couple of days ago. How can I fix this and how can I prevent it?

Are you sure that you haven’t deleted these photos, or moved them to a new folder/directory?

When you say they show on the V2 track I presume you mean the small thumbnails that are displayed at the beginning and end of the clip. These thumbnails are separate from the photos and are kept in a Shotcut database, so even if the photos are deleted the thumbnails are not.

I have not deleted the photos. I stopped working on the video and saved it to a folder on my desktop. When I re-opened Shotcut a couple of days later I got a window with the heading
“There are missing files in your project. Double click each row to locate a file.” There is a complete list of all photos and videos with their file locations (all the same location as I have put all the material into one big file. When I double click on the row, it takes me each time to the download window which is not the correct location for the files.
When I click OK at the bottom of this window the thumbnails all appear in the playlist, but the video window is black with ‘invalid’ in capitals. when I click play, nothing shows on the screen. This happens every time I want to start work on the video after saving and closing previously.
Is there a restore function or am I not saving the project correctly? This is really frustrating.

You have to find the correct location and file.

I know the correct location of the files, as I said, I have put all the material into one big file and dragged it to Shotcut from there.
The question is how do I prevent Shotcut from doing this every time.
I just completed two videos and saved them to a file on the desk top. I had to add a music track before exporting.
Both videos came up with ‘INVALID’ on the play screen and I had to remove and reload and re-edit both videos. Fortunately I had the correct timings still available.
Is there something I am not doing correctly when I save? Is Shotcut just crashing? what can I do to stop this from happening?

Read this article. You want a Relative File Structure.

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